Trilce Navarrete

Trilce Navarrete

Erasmus University - DEN Foundation

Maatschappij en digitale innovatie

In this session I shall present the identity of an innovator. I will present the elements in a society that enhance the development of innovative individuals, based on an economic analysis of the characteristics of cultural institutions in European countries.

How is innovation stimulated? Where does Cultural Heritage fit in the innovation process? What is the role of CH creators and managers in the innovation process of a society? How can an innovative environment be nurtured?

Innovation has been identified to fuel the economy and to improve wellbeing and is therefore highly desirable. Understanding innovation has taken many decades of empirical research in several scientific fields. Studies have analyzed the drivers that make up the innovation process, on one hand, and the process of creating and adopting innovations on the other hand.

I’ll share the results from our research on innovation in European heritage organizations and propose an quintessential identity for an innovator.